George Boole- The Father of Boolean Algebra

Father of boolean algebra

The 200th birthday of George Boole has been honored by Google. The British Mathematician, philosopher, logician, tutor was born on this day, 1815.  He passed out early at an age of 49 but in this period, he changed the theories, logic, algebra, and foundations for the information age. His work on algebra and logic is immensely important in the current computer’s age.

George Boole worked in the categories of Algebra Logic, Differential Equations and laid the base with his outstanding derived formulas and laws. He is still best known for his book ‘The Laws of Thought’ which contains Boolean algebra. The book proved to be very informative for the current generation scientists and researchers. Let’s find out something more about the father of boolean algebra which you might not be aware of.

Father of boolean algebra

  • The father of boolean algebra paved the path for ‘Modern Electrical Engineering’ and ‘Computer Technology through his system of Boolean logic. He created such an extraordinary system where all the general mathematical variables come down to just 2 variables- On/Off and True/False. This ideology was implemented after 70 years of his death when Professor Victor of Moscow State University, Russia put forth his design of electrical switches. According to the Scientific American Society, this simple ‘On-Off’ system made a revolution in the computer codes, circuits and later was universally accepted by all the Verified Universities and Research laboratories.
  • He didn’t have any good education as he was born as the son of a poor shoemaker and so he was impelled to take the responsibilities of his parents and 3 younger siblings. His father’s business collapsed led him to get only little schooling till primary level. Miraculously, he became a tutor in Doncaster and the journey continued for several years but then he returned to his hometown Lincoln to join LMI (Lincoln Mechanics’ Institution) in 1833 to become the roots of its foundation. He learnt mathematics and mastered Calculus after many years without being guided or taught by anyone.
  • Apart from Mathematics, he mastered in French, Latin and German languages. He then translated a poem of Meleager (Ancient Greek Poet). This also led him to a controversial array of events as schoolmaster accused him of not doing it by himself but with little formal education nobody would even learn the proper language.

Father of boolean algebra

boolean algebra

  • He was the founder of a school at an age of 19 in 1834 for the noble cause to make other children study far. In 1838, father of boolean algebra was suddenly the encharge of the boarding school in Waddington as Lancashire died. In 1840, he opened a school again in his hometown to begin the mathematical works for publication.
  • George Boole then achieved a glory and honor when he was appointed as the first Mathematics professor at Queen’s College, Cork in Ireland.
  • He married Marry Everest in 1850 and died in 1864. But he is still praised for his works as he had no University degrees but slowly and gradually managed to gain the professorship in many institutes.
  • The father of boolean algebra had gained enough fame that University College Cork set up in order to celebrate his birth bicentenary for his immense works and efforts.

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