14 Funny Photos Pledging to make you laugh

One famous Standup comedian had once expressed “Humor is everywhere & you don’t need to be funny to entertain yourself but things around you are strange, unusual, weird and altogether funny.” Here are some funny photos that can make your morning refreshing with the guaranteed humor and sarcasm.

  1. They say that a sign is enough to make the conversation stop or start. Here is one sign board to cleverly and clearly express the humorous but strict rule to be followed
    funny photos
  2. Well, this was going to happen sooner or later. (There was no casualties, though):p

funny photos

3. When the thief decides to play ‘Tom & Jerry’ cum ‘Hide & Seek’ with the cop simultaneously. funny photos

4. A perfect obedience illustration though the person who threw this paper makes no sense at all.

funny photos

5. When you know that you are culprit but you don’t accept it, or when you reckon shockingly that you are dumped recently by the only girl on the earth.

funny photos

6. Children are God’s form but yes they can too do some naughty and hilarious things unknowingly and may be sometimes unknowingly.funny photos

7. This FB post is like an open letter by an offender to the Police wholeheartedly.funny photos

8. An amalgamation of art and animal with some spices of creativity.funny photos

9. Don’t get so drunk as Police might give you headshot instead of mugshot.
funny photos

10. WELL, a competition is tough here! Will have to call Tim Cook for the results.
funny photos

11. Another perfect example of following the rules blindly yet without using IQ or EQ.funny photos

12. Dog’s Dream Come True to be a ‘Train’ himself
funny photos

13. He is soon going to be a millionaire & in no time will surpass Bill Gates.funny photos

14. A legit try of my father going technical totally.funny photos

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