Benefits of Fitbit Ultra Wireless activity and sleep tracker

The Fitbit Ultra wireless activity and sleep tracker is one of the best and most efficient fitness trackers. With the use of new technology in the device, it keeps a track of different stats and help individuals meet their goals. So, while individuals are climbing hills or stairs, the four motion sensors can be used for accurately measuring the data. During the night, one need not have to wear it on their hip. It can be simply placed on the wrist and one can sleep during the night comfortably.

FitBit Ultra Wireless


Tracking with the device

Following activities can be tracked with the device;

  • Distance covered
  • Steps taken
  • Number of stairs taken
  • Hours of sleep and times you woke up during night
  • Calories burnt during the day

Free software

The Fitbit ultra comes along with free software which can help the user keep a visual track of their progress and goals achieved during the time. Hence, with the use of this software one can easily track;

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  1. Eaten calories and components of protein, crabs and fats within it
  2. Have a look at the stats and graphs to know about your status
  3. Compete along with your friends and strive hard to achieve targets
  4. Stay motivated for the upcoming challenges
  5. No monthly attached for the use of software or device



User need not have to link the Fitbit or software for any updates, The Fitbit being a wireless device, as and when you go 15 feet near to your computer it will automatically sync and the data shall be transferred and uploaded to Fitbit. Hence, one need not have to upload data manually, and it would be automatically done making it easier for you to achieve goals. You can check fitbit coupon, if you would like to buy this Fitness Band.

Fitbit can thus be appropriately used by customers around the world to follow an efficient weight loss plan and achieve their fitness targets at much ease.


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