Parody: Facebook plugin that auto comments on girls’ photo

Imagine a plugin in Facebook that auto comments “Nice picture” on girls’ photo uploads. Well, a Computer Science College Student from St. Xavier’s University has reportedly formulated a plug-in for Facebook application that automatically updates “Nice picture” as a greeting comment against girls’ every uploaded pictures. Shaula Sharma, who reinvented mobile applications during night hours after coming back to home, was excited about his newly developed Facebook plug-in getting popular slowly. Here’s what he has to say on why he innovated such plug-in.

Parody: Facebook plugin that auto comments on girls’ photofacebook automatic like button

“I am very happy and felling ecstatic that my plug-in’s on Play Store and App Store have already touched 40,000 in 4 days! I have unified reporting in my code which shows a lot of people actively using it. With this plug-in, an automatic comment is actuated under the comments section when one gazes at a girl’s picture for more than 30 seconds. Apart from staring, the user has to blush naturally for the comment to be automatically updated. I have merged blush detectors which will discover if the user is blushing.”

“Being a shy guy myself, I’ve had sympathy towards other guys who are like me. What really matters is the girl being under notion that the guy is quite outgoing regardless of whether he believes it or not,” After  made this statement, there was a huge round of applause from a group of shy students standing behind him.

Parody: Facebook plugin that auto comments on girls’ photo

When we asked Shaula on why he was being sexist by focusing only girls and that boys were worthy suitable for receiving such comments, he said,”I reckon this version is guy friendly but I don’t want to face Shobha De anger in future. Hence, I’m working on releasing an updated version where girls can choose to auto comment ‘‘Awww’ on boys’ profile pictures. Well, I guess that this would make it even but I’m sure that girls would use it pretty less than the boys. Facebook plugin that auto comments on girls’ photo will be surely admired by guys like me who can be called as ‘Numb & Dumb’”

Sources say Shaula is already busy developing an anti-plugin for Facebook – auto-abuse, which would send automatic abuses to Farmville and Candy Crush invite senders. Facebook plugin that auto comments on girls’ photo is going viral all over India at least as the tendency Indian Guys have is quite contrasting and unique. He is focusing on to develop a plug-in where anybody’s crush stays on the front page of the timeline trying to give the feedback of what he/she doing whole day.

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