Unveiling the Eureka moments of Great Entrepreneurs of the World

Great Entrepreneurs of the World: Each and every entrepreneur pass along a phase when they are void in brain and empty thinking wise and do not have any idea what to do. Then the miracle happens. Even Archimedes exclaimed “Eureka, I finally found it!” when he got the solution to a problem he was searching for decades. motivation for entrepreneurEureka is a moment of spontaneous spark of the discovery, a deep insight of what has been running through our minds constantly like an epiphany which translates as ‘A Divine Manifestation’ and unsolvable hurdles suddenly turns into obvious and wise answer. Let’s unveil some of the aha moments of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time and know how they found their Eureka.

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Eureka moments of Great Entrepreneurs of the world

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But how the eureka moment arrives? And who are Great Entrepreneurs of the World?

The eureka moment arrives at different ages and instances. Here are a few examples.

Gopro Founder, Nick Woodman, once struggled to take a photo of himself while surfing i.e. Inconvenience was lagging him to come at the front

Samuel Morse, Founder of Telegraph, was in tragedy when he received the letter of his wife’s illness, by the time she was buried.

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Ikea Founder, Ingvar Kamprad, suddenly thought to take off the legs only when he himself couldn’t fit a table in his tiny car.pejman nozad

The famous Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, was desperate to have a computer interface that should look beautiful as the chirography on his College Campus Posters.

Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates, recognized that he wanted to sell his products even before he started to make it.

Pinterest Founder, Ben Silbermann, was on roll to make 50 variants of the similar picture grid.

Airbnb Founder, Chesky Brian, was in debt as he rented his air mattress to earn cash.

Inventor of Bra, Caresse Crosby, was unable to fit her bust into a sizeable corsetmanoj bhargavaThe worldwide famous Hollywood actor Brad Pitt found before 2 weeks of graduation that the degree matters quite less than becoming an actor.

Sara Blakely discovered slimming underwear while he was selling fax machines and the brand Spanx was founded.

This is unbelievable as the WhatsApp founder, Jan Koum, was out of money to call his father in Ukraine.

RedBull gives you wings-That’s right! Dietrich Mateschitz tried a local drink when he was feeling stressed and sleepy in Thailand.

Ever wondered what Donald Fisher suffered? He couldn’t find a perfect jeans of his size that gives comfort and he founded Gap.

Chip Wilson observed that women did yoga but had no special pants to wear with solace and Lululemon was discovered

Instant Noodle Inventor, Momofuku Ando, watched people queuing up to get soup on a very cold day.

These were some spectacular eureka moments of the Great Entrepreneurs of the World.

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