Elimination of a Twinkling Face-Yuvika Chaudhary: Bigg Boss-9

With only 11 people left in the house now as Yuvika’s shocking exit from Bigg Boss-9 makes the reality show more interesting. Since Yuvika has been officially expelled from the show, let’s talk about the smiling face of Bigg Boss-Double Trouble.The love triangle of Prince, Yuvika and Rishabh was just blooming but it couldn’t reach the perfect climax because of the eviction of Yuvika from the show. Rishabh and Prince looks quite besotted by the ouster of their beloved.bigg boss yuvika chaudhary

Who’s most heartbroken?

The Splitsvilla Contestant, Prince, recently proposed her love for the cute girl of ‘Om Shanti Om’ movie. It was legitimate that Yuvika was asked to go out of the show because of low votes to her as Rimi was saved with considerably more votes along with Mandana Karimi, Digangana Suryavanshi, and Aman Verma.

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Gregarious and constantly smiling girl, Yuvika, entered the show with Vikas Bhalla, became famous for her charming face and patience-positivity. Even the noisy and lousy snoring of Vikas had not mattered for her as the whole house was disturbed by that ruckus. She would befit herself to some other comfortable place and instead of becoming cribbing, she would be keeping herself calm.

She won the 1st ‘Captaincy Task’ against mighty Kishwer and Aman. Though the captaincy style got her failed in some sailing but eventually she made it because of her optimism. Her partner Vikas Bhalla supported her during every task and so they had a better bond than any other contestants; he also held on her when she fainted in one of the tasks.

Know what’s more happening at Bigg Boss-Double Trouble?

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Rishabh’s advice guided her through the previous week’s task as Yuvika’s fight with Mandana shocked the audiences and the inmates too. While Narula Prince too showed her expressions of romance to her, she thought of being funny and ignored him. She was attentive to Rishabh most of the time. She also confesses

“I like Rishabh and Prince as friends and no romantic feelings for them. I would stay in touch with them even after this show.”

Prince’s proposal to her was very romantic when he gave her ‘Heart-shaped Parantha’, Yuvika couldn’t stop blushing but she finally had to confirm that she had no such feelings for him. Speaking about her delightful journey, Yuvika said,

” I have learnt an important art from this house ‘How to say no nicely?’. I made myself pretty original to this house and this fantabulous experience will stay forever intact in my life. I still wish to be a part of this mind-blowing journey once again any day soon.”

When Prince proposed to her with a heart-shaped parantha, Yuvika only blushed and smiled. She finally revealed that she does not feel the same way for Prince and that Rishabh is a ‘sweetheart’.

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