Earn Free Talktime of Rs 130[INR] From Line July-August 2014

Earn Free Talktime worth Rs 130! Yes, you can get Free talktime worth Rs. 130, Line is giving Free Talktime for all the Line Uses. Previously, Line came with a Free Talktime offer of Rs 111 for sending messages to your Line contacts via Line Messenger, This time it is the same thing but Line has made Little changes in this, To Earn Free Talktime of Rs 130, You will have to send Line stickers to your contacts.

To Earn Free Talktime of Rs 130 (15th July – 15th August) Follow the steps below to get Free talktime worth Rs 130[INR] :

Step 1

Log in to your Line Account using the number (The number you are using on Line should be inserted in the same phone else you will not get any redemption link and that will earn you no Free talktime.

You will see a Small Teddy in the Right Hand corner on the main page of Line which will show the points to go.

See the Teddy and see how much points you have to Earn, If it shows 5 then to get the redemption link you have to send “Line Stickers to your Friends for 5 Days” You can send as many as you want but to earn 1 point in 1 day you are required to send 1 Sticker to your Friend on Line.

You’ll notice this screen as soon as you start the Line Messenger, This will have all the Friends and official accounts which you’ve subscribed on Line. 

Step 2

After sending one sticker, you will notice that the ‘Points to go will reduce by 1 in One day’ So this is the confirmation that your message (Sticker) has been sent and you have earn’t 1 Point. Keep sending stickers to your Friend.
Every 5th Day you will get one redemption Link from Line India, you have to click on the Link and enter your number and then select the carrier and you’ll receive the talktime in few hours.
On clicking the Teddy you can track your Progress, Since I’ve started today and sent one sticker, You can See there is one Tick Mark, As I complete sending the stickers, every day I’ll be able to track it and you can also determine the Free Balance you may get in the coming 5th day!


Step 3 

After completion of the First 5th Day you will get Rs 10 and your Teddy will have 5 points again, Now again do the same process I said in step 1 and you will get Rs 30 Free Talktime on Completion of the Second 5th Day and Teddy will again become 5. Again keep sending Stickers to your Friends and on the Third 5th Day you will get 30 INR and on doing the same you’ll get 30 INR on the Fourth 5th Day and on the Fifth 5th day you will get Rs 30.
So if you complete sending Stickers every day from today you will get talktime around 130 INR (10 + 30 + 30 +30 +30)
So isn’t it Awesome? You just get talktime of Rs 130 for just sending stickers to your Friends? Hurry, Already 5 Days are passed, now you can’t miss a day! if you miss you get 100 INR Free talktime (On sending messages on all days)

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    Can I send this talktime to another number


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