Download Songs from SoundCloud in Android Phone

SoundCloud is one of the best sites where you can listen to large collection music from many different singers and composers, In this post I’ll be sharing with you a self found trick to Download songs from SoundCloud in any Android Phone. After following this guide you will be able to download any song on SoundCloud on your Android Phone.

Let’s Begin with the Guide without wasting time and without boring you! So that you can listen to some interesting songs and Not only Listen, you can download it too!!!

Things Required :
  1. SoundCloud App (Download SoundCloud)
  2. ES Explorer (Download ES Explorer File Explorer)
  3. Working Internet Connection (WiFi or Mobile Data)
Get all the above things ready and begin with the guide

Steps to Download Song From SoundCloud to Android

Step 1 : Make a SoundCloud Profile, You can make a SoundCloud Account from your Android Phone or from your Device using the app, you can also Login with your Facebook account if you have one.
Step 2 : Play all the songs you Like, Play all the songs completely, suppose you are playing a 4 minute song then play it till 4 min, You can also move forward and Like this play all the songs which you would like to download.

Step 3 : Open ES File Explorer, Go to Phone Storage → Android → Data → → Files → Stream → Complete, here you will find some unknown files, what you have to do is change the extension of all the files to .mp3

After changing the Extension, the Unknown File Extension will get converted into a music file and you will see that the icon also changes to the icon related to music icon!

To Change the Extension of all the songs, Select all the files, Rename them and while doing that you will be asked to change the extension also, in this place enter .mp3 as the extension, so that the song gets converted into mp3 format and could be played by any music player.

That’s all, After following this steps, you will successfully be able to download any song from SoundCloud, even if it is free or paid, you can download it for free. So did you like the post? Share your Friends this trick, so that they can also download any songs from SoundCloud for Free in their Android Mobile Phone.

Article publié pour la première fois le 28/08/2014

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