This Disappearing Pools with rising floors will astonish you

Agor Creative Engineering specialize in something what you can never imagine. A Movable Swimming Pool is what they have designed and it is incredible. Assume that you are having a dry deck that comes down to become a in-ground pool by just pushing a single button. Impossible? Nope, the engineers of Agor Creative has made this feasible. The movable pool floor can submerge below water, or rise above it to become a sturdy deck. By covering the pool when not in use, it improves pool safety, protecting children and pets from falling in.

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disappearing pools with rising floors
This transforming pool disappears before your eyes, with the push of a button & in no time the pool shrinks to deck. Agor Creative engineering is designing this type of Floors and it is called Movable Floor System. This concept is useful since by hiding the pool under a stable surface it improves the pool safety when not in use.

Here are some Noteworthy points of this Disappearing Pools with Rising Floors.

  • The floor automatically adjusts the water level for children and new learners. When it is fully raised the pool can accommodate 40 lbs per sq foot.
  • The deck is made of wooden planks or concrete. Thus, it is robust and with strength as well as reliable.
  • Water based hydraulic System powers the floor.
  • When required, the stairs in the pool can sink in and merge with the floor.
  • Originally designed for commercial settings, this is now the symbol and signature of royalty and is becoming a mandatory thing for any luxurious residence.
  • Average Movable Pool Cost 320 USD per square foot.

Check out Official Agor Engineering Site & Check out the video of Disappearing Pools with Rising Floors.

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