11 Awesome tools to Create Online Comics.

Create Online Comics

Comics aren’t for kids as they possess the capability to tell a visual-story in a unique and adventurous way. Now you will certainly want to create online comics of something you want to because it’s on the Internet everywhere. Everyone who wishes to create their own comic stories online is just a few clicks away. You too can make you own characters that convey a comic leach to life. Here are some 10 awesome tools to create online comics.

  1. MakeBeliefsComix.comcreate online comicsMakeBeliefsComix is a free comic strip creation tool that renders students with a lot of templates, prompts and characters for building online comics. This is quite convenient and sophisticated to use that even a child of 5 can use this without problems. The only disadvantage is that when you can alter the background color, but characters will be still be in black and white anyway you try.

2. Strip Generatorcreate online comicsStrip Generator doesn’t actually provides an ample space to show off your personal style – you can only utilize existing characters and templates. To make your own unique comic, select a frame you admire and drag characters and objects into it.

3. Comic Mastercreate online comicsComic Master is a flash-based website that’s pretty simple to voyage. Create your own comic heroes and craft original stories through an easiest step-by-step method that begins with producing a layout and terminates with a magnificent finished comic strip.

Create Online Comics

4. Create Your Own Comic by Marvelcreate online comicsOne of the super duper ‘Create Online Comics’ site, Marvel Comics is an American publisher of comic books. This Do-It-Yourself comic site is simple, creative with its features and cool by look. You can use varieties of objects, scenes, characters from the Marvel comic universe to make your own stories online.

5. ToonDoocreate online comicsToonDoo, giving freedom to your imagination, the service lets you have a standard set of characters and background templates, create your own personas and deliberately paint some objects freely. In addition, your own photos can be used to manipulate your friends and prank them.

7. Bitstripscreate online comicsProduce a Cartoon version of yourself, add some makeup, adjust the size of the face, a new hairstyle, as you admire and even alter the outfit. They also have an application that was ranked as one of the top downloaded apps by Apple enthusiasts besides the browser version.

Create Online Comics

8. Choggercreate online comicsWith Chogger, take a photo from your webcam and insert it into your artwork. Chogger is a free comic strip creation service providing the best collection of editing tools to make changes in existing images or draw your own. This makes it one of the best ‘Create Online Comics’ website after Marvel Comics.

9. Write Comicscreate online comics toolsSelect a background from the menu and choose your characters and speech bubbles.Write Comics is for creating comics stories. You don’t need to register or fill in various forms.

10. Pixtoncreate online comics toolsPixton is a drag-and-drop comic creation tool which allows anyone to create their own comics regardless of their artistic talents. All you have to do is join the Pixton community and you can start sharing your creations with others.

11. Witty Comicscreate online comics toolsThis ‘Create online comics’ tool allows you to portray dialogue between two characters. All you need to do is pick a pre-drawn scene, pick your characters and add some text to it. It would be very useful for teachers and students who are learning languages.

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