Twenty-Two Cool Business Cards ideas to make your Profession look Smart

Cool Business Cards You just left an important and crucial meeting in your industry with some really ideas you brought to the table. You make just one swift exchange of the expertly designed business card with the other dignitaries in your meeting. Business cards can be a reflection of first impression all on your own, can help seal the deal and give someone something to remember you by.

Time. No matter how QWERTY savvy those little fingers are, putting someone’s name, email, and phone number into a phone takes valuable time neither party has. Hand them over a business card (which takes what, two seconds?) and you’ve given someone a carbon copy of your information they can do whatever they please with.


Now let’s get to few cool business cards designed in a marvelous way.

A Yoga Card

cool business cards

A Hollow picture frame business cardcool business cards

The Seed packet business cardcool business cards

A truly transparent business cardcool business cards

A dentist’s cavity cardcool business cards

Toy chair business cardcool business cards

A bike repair shop’s business cardcool business cards

Small music box business cardcool business cards

A transformable creative Cargo box cardcool business cards

A tentative Tennis card cool business cards

A Photographer’s viewfinder cardcool business cards

Salt, a restaurant, a saltshaker cardcool business cards

Personal trainer business cardscool business cards

A finance firm’s business cardcool business cards

A divorce lawyer’s tearing apart business cardcool business cards

Curvy Cool Business cards
cool business card

Ace Business card for betting firm

Cool Business Cards.
cool business cards

A Perfect Photographer’s Business Card
cool business card

Monkey look like Business card
cool business cards

Cheeze firm Business Card
cool business cards

Infographic Business Card
cool business cars

Civil Engineer’s Business Card
cool business cards

 You would certainly be enjoying this cool business cards design as the list is big but these were some of the best sorted to make your professional life better. This ideas can impress your boss, colleagues and improves your brand or firm and gives it a new look. So what are you waiting for? Make your own Cool Business Cards.

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