How to Convert Text into Natural Voice of Male/Female

Have you ever thought that what you type can be converted into natural voice? I’m not talking about the conversion of your text into a computerized voice but I’m focusing on the conversion of text into natural voice.
In this post I’ll be sharing with you a way to convert your text into natural voice. Which I came across while surfing the Web. Natural Voice? Don’t get shocked because you read it correct, I’m not limiting the post to the conversion of text into voice, but I’ll also be sharing the conversion of text into different voices i.e Male’s voice, Female’s voice and voices in other languages such as Spanish etc.
Step 1 : Select the voice (Male/Female/Language)
In this step you’ll have to select the voice in which you want the text to be converted in i.e a Male’s natural voice or a female’s natural voice.
For getting the text converted into a Male’s voice select Mike US English and for conversion of text into female’s voice select Claire US English. There are few more voices in which you can convert the text.
Step 2 : Enter the text
After selecting the voice in which you want to convert the text, you’ll have to enter the text in a text area. You’ll see a text area below the voice selector, the text entered in the text area will be converted into the desired voice.
Step 3 : Download/Play
Last but not the least, the text you entered in the text area got converted into the selected voice. Now you can either download the voice clip by clicking the download button or you can play the voice clip online by clicking the play button.
That’s It, you’re done! Surprised to hear the natural voice? Give a surprise to the friends by sharing this post on Social Networks 🙂
Who can use this??
1.) Blogger
A Blogger who feels that the post needs to be explained or wants that the readers enjoy the post by hearing it, instead of reading. This will not only make the work of the reader easy but it will also make the blog interesting!
2.) A YouTube Video Channel
There are many people who have a lots of stuff to teach but some people are camera conscious, so they don’t show their talent. This tool can act as an asset for those kinda people.
3.) A Teacher
Sometimes even teaching some interesting stuff becomes boring if it is said to be read, and reading the books is one of the most boring thing that 80% of the students all over the world think, this tool can be used to make teaching more interesting. Teachers can use it and convert the text into the desired vocals.
Today is the period of modernization and one easily gets attracted to new technologies, there are many malls located in many cities,  the mall owners can implement this in their malls to make the working easy as well as attractive.
5.) Bank ATM’s
I still remember, a uncle who was unable to do some transactions at the ATM because he didn’t know how to do it, if ATM’s implement this then the messages which are shown on the screen can be heard by people and it will surely make the working of the people easy as well as Faster in the ATM’s.
Did I miss any? Yes then you can tell me via Comments on the blog, if I find it genuine, I’ll add that to this post.
Note :  There are certain restrictions on the usage of the audio downloaded.

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  • February 13, 2014 at 8:45 am

    Great Post!! 🙂
    It would have been great if you share something through which I can convert the text into my voice.


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