Captain America: Civil War Trailer just astonished every Marvel fan.

The latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War is just awe-inspiring as the plot continues from the exact story where Ant Man left off. CA (Captain America) is going to approach Bucky, his best friend, but surely the way is not as easy as it looks.

We don’t want to be the spoiler for those who haven’t read Marvel’s Civil War arc, but a fast glimpse of the trailer unveils the rivalry that forms the basic premise of the movie – Captain America eventually terminates being the goody-2-shoes Avenger that he is. Captain do stands up for Bucky-Winter Soldier-& the powers that be will have none of it. This flies a rupture between the Avengers and a bulk of other Marvel characters, with none other than Iron Man taking the fight to the Captain. Tony Stark is surely going to rock this part of the movie in May, 2016.

Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Be aware! Let us warn you, Stark fans .The trailer shows your hero getting his a** kicked by Winter Soldier and Captain America. 2016 seems to be the year of superheroes fighting each other, and Captain America: Civil War is already looking to be a magnificent realization of that assumption.

The trailer just blistered Captain America’s laboured relationship with his aged old partner Bucky — a friendship that puts him at odds with the U.S. government, as well as fellow Avenger Iron Man.

Check it out-The most thrilling trailer of Marvel Movie ever:

How do you like it? Does it make you feel more fantasized? Tony Stark and Captain America- Whose side are you with? Share your views in the comment section below:

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