Bravo! Now Google Search within Facebook mobile App.

Good News in the Courtyard of Technology Geeks and mobile users. Till now, Google was not able to index anything in Facebook but as per a new agreement and policy, all the content from Facebook’s official mobile app will eventually picture up if anyone do a Google search on any Android smartphone. Facebook will now reportedly render a boost for Google searches, permitting data from its mobile app to show up in Google searches.facebook app for news

On Monday The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that FB has started allowing Google to crawl and index its mobile app. Here comes the ceasefire arrangement between the two giants that was rumored since long. Google and Facebook have finally come upon an agreement where they can rely on facebook

For any user’s Google search results on smartphones will showcase content from Facebook’s app. This includes: Public Facebook Profile, Public Profile Information, Pages, Events and Groups.Whenever a user clicks on Facebook link, they will be redirected to the right position and place within Facebook’s app.

But Google won’t be able to show the ‘Marked Private’ content shared on Facebook as it will be against the privacy policy and regulations of both the brands. Thus, the feature seems to make a revolutionary impact on the users as they soon begin to utilize it daily. Google and Facebook, world’s two gigantic tech brands, have finally come to something they can work facebook app

This innovative move seems like a victory for both companies: A user have another valid reason to use Google’s search engine on his smartphone, and you also end up spending more time within Facebook’s app.

Article publié pour la première fois le 17/11/2015

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