Bollywood Actors who took health risks for their persona in films.

Bollywood Actors who took health risks to try to feed us with their acting and we adore them because several critical efforts are put on behind the curtains. Almost all the superstars in the Bollywood have risked their health to be adapted in the role or the character of the movie. They make us proud by their A-class acting and that’s why Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Vidya Balan have made  such fame and popularity. In the urge to serve special and unique roles, they decide to do something different. Here are the list of fewer actors and their persona in films.

Bollywood Actors who took health risks for their roles in the movie.body weight health

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Aamir Khan

Film: Dangal

Health risk: Aamir Khan went on to gain 27 kilograms, that’s right he is 95 kilos now and this sudden weight gain have made him collapsed during the shooting of ‘Dangal’ in Ludhiana.aamir khan

We all know that Aamir is ‘Mr Perfectionist’ and he has proved it yet again when he risked his health for his upcoming movie ‘Dangal’ in which he increased his weight 2.5 dozen kilos. On this Aamir says,

“I am 95 kilos now, respiration system has changed, have to breath long when I tie my lace as my stomach comes in between now.”

Salman Khan is in the list of Bollywood Actors who took health risks.

Film: Sultan

Health risk: The strenuous exercise and extreme workout for his upcoming movie Sultan have left Salman Bhai bruised.

Know more about Salman’s recent film PRDP.salman khan sultan

Salman Khan needs to look like a wrestler in this movie and so he has to transform himself to some uncomplicated body frames. His look will have some drastic difference from his present movie ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo‘ as he gained 9 kilos already for the movie. He giggles saying,

“The energetic exercises are yet to begin. I get hurt on my knee, neck, shoulder but I still have one more month to be in the shape I have never been before & yes it is harder.”

Hrithik Roshan

Film: Guzaarish

Health risk: Binging on junk food spiked his weight to alarming proportions that messed with his medical reports.hrithik roshan guzarish

Bollywood’s most dashing actor has got body shape nobody else have but his tummy was bulgy once, when? During the shoot of Guzaarish, Hrithik strained his body to eat many things he had never to flaunt his body as he was playing a Quadriplegic. He said,

“I always lived a healthy life with workouts and perfect diet since 15 years but this major shift had been going crazy for my body and even my family doctors were telling me to stop it.”

Vidya Balan

Film: The Dirty Picture

Health risk: She filled in massive 12 kilos more weight to her body to risk his health and acting altogether.vidya balan

She did receive many awards for ‘The Dirty Picture’ because Vidya had put lot of efforts on her diet and skinny moves to be shown on screen for frivolous things.

Shah Rukh Khan

Film: Om Shanti Om

Bollywood Actors who took health risks have SRK in this list of course.

Health risk: Six pack abs trend started by SRK put him in lot of back pain troubles during OSO movie.shahrukh khan

He got a six pack abs at the age of 42 which seemed impossible and incredible simultaneously. Yes, he gained it in a healthy way but according to reports, Shah Rukh’s back was giving up on him. He was in pain due to it yet he did it. He did it for his fans because he played a superstar of current generation and which superstar doesn’t have six pack abs now! He was just sticking to the norm.

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