Bigg Boss: Wild Card entry of Rishabh Sinha stuns inmates.

Here he comes, the speculations and rumors proved correct for Rishabh Sinha on Monday’s dramatic episode of Bigg Boss’ house. He entered the house and set the house on fire as soon as he was announced ‘Wild Card Contestant’. With a mere excitement, he informed the inmates

It’s time for some action.”

On being asked what he did for a living, he said

“Mein kamaal Karta hoon!”

He is one of the favorite contestants of the current Bigg Boss season as he manages to accomplish various tasks altogether and rubs many inmates with his style of showbiz himself.


He recently annoyed Kishwar when he drank from her flask without asking left her rage. Mandana was flattered by Rishabh’s comment on her ‘She’s his favorite housemate.’ He also revealed why Rochelle is unturned with her, but as long as he is back again he doesn’t concern much about others but to focus on how to survive till the end in the house.

rishabh sinha

Here are some of the lesser notable facts of Rishabh Sinha:

  • He, was an antagonist in the movie ‘Kaanchi’, appeared in the fifth season of ‘Splitsvilla, is famous for his TV serial ‘Qubool Hai’ in which he plays Ayan.

rishabh sinha in kaanchi movie

  • Narcissist by nature, he is known for his brash and abusive behavior, he often finds amidst in controversies as if he himself stirs it up.
  • Prior Bigg Boss, he has worked with Kishwer and had a good chemistry with her.

The recent controversy was when Rishabh and Digangana had an intense fight which became so uncontrollable that police had to intervene them. Rumors confirmed that the duo has quite a bad past and the wagging tongues during the fight vomited many unpredictable and mysterious things to eventually throw Digangana out of the show.

Hot trends of Bigg Boss house:

  • Rochelle and Keith are sharing an intrinsic moment with the conspiracy and conviction surrounding the house. Rishabh is trying to be friendly with Mandana after his entry as wild card contestant. Rochelle went to pool with her boyfriend Keith and have had an intimate scenario in the house.
  • New Twist in the house: Housemates will nominate 3 members openly by burning their pictures
  • Rochelle misunderstood Rishabh of trying to hit on her, but Rishabh Sinha confessed of not having any such intentions.

Thus, Day-22 will be memorable for Rishabh  and the house, moreover Keith-Rochelle overheating on Mandana added more masala in the episode. Seems as the housemates are pestered by Rishabh’s annoying ludicrously odd style. It would be interesting to see what ‘Excitement’ this guy will have in the coming weeks of Bigg Boss as the house is becoming a mixture of emotional gestures every different day.

Looks like the housemates are already vexed by Rishabh’s irritating antics. It remains to see what adventure and excitement this new inmate will create inside the house in the coming weeks as he would try his level best to justify his ‘Wild Card Entry’.

Article publié pour la première fois le 05/11/2015

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