Salman Khan & SRK’s Bhaibhai Selfie is viral

Well, the dialogue ‘Mere Karan Arju ayenge‘ is back with a blow. SRK and Salman Khan have been known as the biggest rivals of Bollywood. Obviously, it is rare and impossible to see the Competitors to share the same stage because there would be genuine debate of who is the most popular and who is in the limelight of current Bollywood industry? The Bigg Boss have aired on TV something that every Bollywood fans wished to see since years. The two superstars of B-Town aired an episode which showed Salman Khan and SRK sharing the same stage and taking selfies. Of Course, the selfie is given the name ‘BhaiBhai Selfie’.

Salman said that he got very emotional when he saw the particular scene of Karan Arjun in which the two brothers die. He was pleased and very happy to share the stage with Shah Rukh after a long time. It was clearly seen that SRK was to promote his movie Dilwale but anyways that didn’t break any record of Salman’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

bhaibhai selfie

bhaibhai selfie

The video promotes SRK’s special appearance on the show on December 19 & 20. In the promo, both the stars are seen in a Kali temple, in a recreation of a scene from the movie ‘Karan Arjun’. However, both are seen wearing their shoes and this is leading to some controversies all over in India about the banning of the episodes and Intolerance things SRK said earlier.bhaibhai selfie bhaibhai selfie

The Shoe controversy in the temple is in same buzz as Bhaibhai Selfie. Ashok Sharma, national vice-president, Hindu Mahasabha expressed remorse saying,”  If the actors were not that careful, the makers of the promo should have taken care that it is a religious set and should have not been tampered with. Our district president has also written to Colors on its feedback email id and asked them the reason behind such a blunder.” Now, this is something both stars won’t be taking in mind since the topic seems least importance to them than taking Bhaibhai Selfie to get likes,hits,shares and love on every social media platforms.bhaibhai selfie

Bollywood is changing and so as the stars forgetting their years’ rivalry and making bromance on the stage. Well, the directors would be keen to make a super duper blockbuster featuring them both.

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