10 Best Wedding Gifts for your beautiful missy

Best Wedding Gifts: Men are often faced with the challenge of deciding what to gift their partner on the night of a special occasion. And if the special occasion is the wedding night, then the decision making process gets much more challenging. Best Wedding Gifts are the most memorable and wonderful experience in the life of the girl comes during his first night after the marriage. So every husband also tries to make this Idealistic moment as better as possible so that she can remember throughout her life.

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Wedding night gifts are of ordinary and extra-ordinary depending on the choice of the person. As far as I am concerned my gift planning would be the romantic place as per the liking of my girlfriend, and then would be a Romantic suite that would be decorated by me with my hand with the food cooked by my own.
Below is a list to help you decide the most suitable gift to spice things up on your Wedding night.

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10 Best Wedding Gifts for your Partner on the Auspicious Wedding Night

• Sensual Gift Basket:Best Wedding Gifts
A sensual Gift basket consisting of scented candles, perfumes, massage oils, flowers, condoms, bubble bath solution, etc., is like a portable romance kit for couples. But you must be sure to unwrap and utilize the contents of the gift basket as you progress with the night. It is also the perfect way to set up a sensual mood. This is one of the Best Wedding Gifts for your better-half.

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• Romantic Mixed Tape:
Mixed Tapes are one of the sweetest gifts to give your spouse on any occasion. If you know her favourite songs better than she thinks she does, then making a mixed tape will really reflect your love for her. It is by far the simplest and sweetest way to tell her that you care and can be the best wedding gifts for her.

• Jewelry:Best Wedding GiftsCheck out the most Promising Wedding Gifts for Men
Gifting jewelry to your spouse on the wedding night might seem a bit clichéd or old fashioned. But there is no denying the fact that gifting jewelry to your spouse will make her feel special on any occasion. If you are unsure of what to gift your spouse and want to play it safe, then jewelry is the most suitable option.

• Aphrodisiacs:best wedding gifts
From chocolates, ice cubes and whipped cream to strawberries and honey, the list of aphrodisiacs is quite a lengthy one. They help increase testosterone levels and boost your libido. With a large variety to choose from, aphrodisiacs will definitely help in taking the night a notch up.

• Kamasutra Book:
Kamasutra, the original ‘Book of Love’, describes the art of love making with beautifully illustrated images and detailed instructions. It is globally accepted as the most erotic book on love making, and is one book which every couple must have at their bed side. What better day to gift your spouse the Kamasutra than on the wedding night. Apparently, it can be in the list of one of the sudden proving best wedding gifts.

• Sexy lingerie:
If you want to raise the temperature and ignite the passion for the first night, some sexy lingerie will do the trick. Red lace lingerie made in soft and silky fabric is a perfect fit for some bedtime seduction.

• Wine and Vacation:Best Wedding Gifts
If you prefer keeping the first night a bit more subtle, then surprise your spouse with a honeymoon package to a romantic place she has only dreamt of going. Then open up an expensive bottle of wine to celebrate the happy days past and happier days to come.

• Personalized Scrapbook:Best Wedding GiftsA personalized scrapbook made just for her will surely surprise her. As it is a very sensitive gift, you can be sure that she will cherish it forever. Making a personalized scrapbook may sound like a lot of work, but the feelings and emotions it invokes is worth all the effort. Therefore, it is the Best Wedding Gifts you can give.
No matter which of the above options you choose, for the first night, it is good advice to take things slow and experience each moment to its depth. This will definitely make it one of the most romantic and memorable night of your lives.

• Love Coupons:
Love Coupons work as a voucher which can be redeemed by your spouse. The coupons may be of simple romantic activities like Foot Massage and Walk on the Beach, or more adventurous ones like Skinny Dipping and Swingers Night. Please be aware that Love Coupons will definitely test your commitment level, so be sure of the coupons you print out.

• Kinky Toys:
If you like to push the boundaries and experiment, then why not add some naughty toys to the equation. The experiment might even result in one of the most exciting nights of your life. Fluffy handcuffs and blindfolds will really help you get the night started. Maybe even use these toys for role play. Rest assured, once you bring Kink into the relationship, things just get more interesting with time.

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