List Of Best Tumblr blogs of 2015 which went viral

Tumblr taught Internet some important lessons in 2015. We learned that bell hooks quotes pair well with early 90s family sitcoms, all people can be broken down into two categories, and tackle issues of representation in  male-dominated spaces. These super duper blogs make up to be The 10 Best Tumblr blogs of 2015.

1. Every Single Word

This news-making blog from Dylan Marron, writer/actor, jotes down how small screen people get in motion pictures, hence highlighting a huge lack of diversity in the film industry.

2. Shitpost Generator Best Tumblr blogsA JAVA program that creates the worst Tumblr posts but it is still interesting and one of the Best Tumblr blogs of 2015.

3. Whine About It

 Buzzfeed’s Matt Bellassai whines about  injustices the life does but he does it over a bottle of wine.

4. 2 Kinds of People Best Tumblr blogsDo you know or ever come across the thought that there are only two kinds of people in this world. This original art collection details it down for us.

5. Government Secret Best Tumblr blogs100% factual secrets that our government is keeping from us & you would be stunned to know some of the mysterious facts, though sometimes it would be perplexing.

6. The Atlas of BeautyBest Tumblr blogsMihaela Noroc, the Photographer has actually traveled more than 60 countries to photograph the beauty in diverse faces & believe me, it’s auspicious to see those photos.

7. Saved by the bell hooks Best Tumblr blogsThe words of bell hooks is connected with the imagination of Saved By The Bell.

8. Shit People Say to Women Directors Best Tumblr blogsThe sexism that women directors have to face at every level in the film industry is admirably explained and detailed in this blog.

9. The Last Message Received Best Tumblr blogsThe humorous and hilarious blog is placed in this list because of its funny chat conversation with friends, families and buddies.

10. Animal Fact Book is in the Best Tumblr blogs.Best Tumblr blogsIt shows and expresses the facts which we wish or dream to be true & that is why it is listed in the Best Tumblr blogs of 2015.

Now that, you will surely admire, love and follow Best Tumblr blogs of 2015 because it is fun in itself. Tumblr is often said to be the Trendsetter for image & has been competitor to imgur, Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr. These blogs are refreshing and famous all over the world because of its unique content and picturization. It will make us laugh, emotional, awee, as per the genre of the blogs.

Article publié pour la première fois le 12/12/2015

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