Arvind Kejriwal is happy with Delhi following Odd Even Rule

For the residents and guests of Old Delhi, the New Year has started with the implementation of the odd-even theme that restricts the employment of strange range cars to odd range dates and even cars on even dates. “Overwhelmed” by the response of the folks to the odd-even experiment, Old Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday aforementioned that the pilot initiative of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government has turned “into a movement”. Kejriwal’s comments came 2 hours when the commencement of the novel theme.

Delhi following Odd Even Rule: The chief minister aforementioned that as per initial reports, the set up has been “quite successful” and other people within the urban center have for the most part accepted the restrictions with associate “open mind”.  “I repeatedly aforementioned that the theme can meet successfully only folks embrace it and not tho’ force. it’s become a movement and that we area unit really weak by the response we’ve received to this point. Old Delhi can show thanks to the remainder of the country,” Kejriwal told reporters outside his residence.

Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia, United Nations agency reached the secretariat in his official automotive bearing odd-number registration plate, echoed the chief minister’s observation locution that individuals have adopted the initiative as their “own mission. And government is just helping them. thus this can be the perfect scenario.”

Kejriwal shared his automotive with transport minister Gopal Rai and health minister Satyender Jain. They sleep in North Delhi’s Civil Lines space. touristry minister Kapil Mishra reached the secretariat on his two-wheeler at around 9am and tweeted, “Wow Old Delhi many thanks for creating #OddEvenFormula a hit…just reached workplace on bike.. no traffic.. Old Delhi is following it voluntarily.”

Two-wheelers area unit enclosed within the list of twenty five classes that are unbroken out of the scope of the theme. Delhi government has launched 2 helplines 011-42400400 and 011-41400400 for queries and clarifications. the govt. has conjointly bound with Twitter to produce period of time updates for routes. to urge updates one has to send an immediate message or tweet to @transportdelhi for facilitate and route choices.

Delhi following Odd Even Rule

The government has conjointly introduced three,000 additional buses. throughout these fifteen days, railroad line services across the capital can ply on high frequency. The theme is applicable from 8am to 8pm from weekday to weekday. Here are some of the pictures of the 1st day after the implementation of ‘Delhi following Odd Even’Ruledelhi following odd even delhi following odd even delhi following odd even delhi following odd even delhi following odd even delhi following odd even delhi following odd even delhi following odd even.delhi following odd even

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