Apple iPhone 7 shall take over the Samsung Galaxy S7

Apple is soon going to hit the market with its iPhone 7 and one of the strongest competitors that it has is the Samsung Galaxy S7! Whether the S7 will have a better over the iPhone 7 or the vice versa only time will tell.

There is no doubt on the fact that S7 commands some great features and shall attract users to buying to; however, a little wait for the iPhone 7 would do no hard! Who knows you could as well end up regretting your choice of buying the S7 a little too soon?

galaxy S7 Vs Iphone 7

Let us have a look at the point of comparison for both the beauties!

As for what has been suggested by reports and news, the iPhone shall come with a dusal camera set up this time and of course have a dynamic improvement in the over all performance.
The S7 on the other hand has a great camera but the MP seems to have hit a reduction for some unknown reason!

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Dual System Camera :

The dual system camera will make iPhone 7 the undisputed winner in terms of pictures and videos as the quality shall remain unmatched as to what the S7 has! Also, the camera module shall be fitted better this time in order to lend the iPhone a sleeker look and feel!

Wireless Charging :

Wireless charging is yet another feature that makes iPhone 7 quite match up to the S7 because both shall be the same in this case. Another thing which is quite similar and matching to the S7 is the SD card support for up to 200 GB; Apple iPhone 7 to have a whooping 256 GB of course!

iphone 7 vs galaxy s7

One thing that could possibly be a drawback for the Apple iPhone is the battery life. No matter how well is the phone equipped with the best of features, the battery life seems to always pose a problem for it. The S7 has a battery which is larger not only than its predecessor but also is such that it will cause competition to the iPhone 7.

Next is the privacy and security which again iPhone 7 could possibly come with a panic button with the help of Touch ID fingerprint censor in case of theft. Next comes physical protection which seems to be a point of improvement for the iPhone as S7 remains to be dustproof every time! With iOS 10 the iPhone security will ncease.

The iPhone 7 has a lot to work upon but it is also at the same time a little difficult to gauge as to how shall the competition between the flagships turn out to be because the final features for Apple are yet to hit the market.

Another strong rumour about the Apple iPhone 7 is that of the missing 3.5 mm headphone jack for making it slimmer and to accommodate another speaker in there!

As of now, we need to watch out as to how it cope up and beats the S7!

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