Am I suffering from Hypercondriac Illness?

Am I suffering from Hypercondriac: The term Hypercondriac is complex to understand but is an exigent nomenclature to apprehend physical conditions of the body and health issues. People try to correlate and differentiate this term with some other happy-sad moments but it’s not exactly the  similar thing to explain. Let’s perceive some information about this terminology in deep.hypercondria

Am I suffering from Hypercondriac?

This illness is majorly incepted by anxiety that affects mind and physical health issues. Hypercondriac illness can make any person ride every curvy and sturdy wave of human emotions- smiling at one moment and sad-scared at another moment, crying at one moment and laughing at another, strong sense of fear at one side and gutsy feeling to do any tough task on the other side, optimistic and pessimistic feeling in both sides of coin rolling in brain, experiencing prison and heaven’s gate alternatively, trapped in a corner and free bird  enthusiasm genuinely. This is not normal but complex health issue to resolve so as to deal with it actually. Have you asked yourself “Am I suffering from Hypercondriac?”hypercondriac

A person simply feels embarrassed by his simple mistakes and even socially isolated altogether. The bad thing about it is that people understands ‘Hypercondriac’ as ‘Socially Isolated’ but it is simply just not so. Person suffering from this illness would normally behave socially like a normal human being and thoughts will be transparent like an average person. It can’t be differentiated as normally from the feeling perspective itself. You should now interrogate yourself “Am I suffering from Hypercondriac?”

Symptoms of Hypercondria:

  • Feeling Irritable and Tired, Completely Exhaust
  • Not able to Relax totally.
  • Fidgety frequently when sit for long duration of time
  • Shaking, Trembling and Breath Problems
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Muscle Tensions especially around neck
  • Depression, Anxiety and Impatience
  • Unworthy to take decision that involves brainstorming.

Sadly there isn’t a cure for a hypercondriac, even if you are prescribed drugs the real issue will not be solved. Similar to depression, the illness will not fade away regardless of how many tablets or medicines you keep on taking. Trying to be positive in every matter of life can feed brain some vitamins that any other tablets can’t give. Don’t worry ‘Am I suffering from Hypercondriac?’

Try & look forward to the day and try and see the positive things. Negativity in yourself and in others will make you feel low and eventually you will isolate yourself away. You have to face your hurdles and troubles head on. It is important to express how you are feeling to help you gain the guts confidence to socialize and be a happier person within yourself. You shouldn’t live life in guilt, worry anger or fear.

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