Ajit Kumar Doval-Brave Indian who spied on Pakistan for 7 years

Ajit Kumar Doval,

a former Indian Intelligence officer, current National Security Adviser to NaMo, ex-Director of the Intelligence Bureau, retired IPS, is one of the personalities of India of which it is proud of. Born in 1945 in a village of Ghiri Banelsyun, his alma mater was Ajmer Military School and then University of Agra, Ajit Kumar Doval was a scholar and intelligent enough to score top in the schools and colleges. As Doval’s father had performed a major role in the Indian Army, he was keen and firm to follow his father’s path.

Let’s go in detail who Ajit Kumar Doval is and what actually he has done for the country.

  • He was an in charge of the Recent Surgical Strike performed by Indian army at the Burmese border; it can be called as the government’s best stand against terrorism. Unfortunately, 18 Indian soldiers were killed in a fight in Manipur few weeks before this strike. As a result, Ajit executed this mission with RPGs and Automatic rifles slaying every enemy on the gates. According to an official report, it took only half an hour to complete the mission successfully as they were equipped with MI-35 helicopters and 2 NSCN camps. The team killed approximately 30-50 rebels under the leadership of Ajit Kumar.
  • Not only Pakistan but also Sri Lankan is aiming an eye on Ajit to do such and many other daring cum dangerous attacks. Mahinda Rajapaksa, the ex-President of Sri Lanka, lost the elections in January 2015 as a Presidential candidateship against Maithripala Sirisena. The rumors spread as Doval came in the cross hair of Mahinda. Doval benefitted India as he often emphasized to favor China and Rajapaksa paid his price to come in between India and foreign countries security relations.

Ajit Kumar Doval

ajit kumar doval

  • Even at the age of 70, Ajit Kumar is the country’s spymaster to shake the enemies’ spines. It is his ability, extraordinary talent and experience he puts into to do such dangerous, brave and intellectual tasks.
  • The National Security Adviser, like NSA, works nigh alongside the Prime Minister Narendra Modi which is very prestigious.

Also know about India’s Other Trending Dignitary

ajit kumar doval

  • The ex-director of Intelligence Bureau (2004-05) is the youngest person to win 2 prestigious awards: Police Medal and President’s Police Medal.
  • He spent 7 years in Lahore, Pakistan to serve India being ‘A Top Secret Undercover Agent’
  • Ajit Kumar Doval is popular for breaking MNF’s(Mizoram National Front) back by slaying their 6 top commanders when they tried to invade us.
  • We all remember Indian Army’s Operation ‘Blue Star’. It was led by Ajit and other elite militants in the Golden Temple.
  • Ajit Kumar Doval was the main commander in chief when Indian Airlines’ flight IC-814 was hijacked in 1999 and taken to Kandahar. Well, he played a vital role in safeguarding 15 other hijacking of IAC (Indian Airlines Aircraft) between 1971 and 1999.
  • He also carried outstanding peaceful acts to pacify anti-India outfits and turned the team into ‘spy’ in the terrorist outfit. That was one of the riskiest mission that he accomplished successfully.
  • Ajit Kumar Doval was gutsy enough to personally visit Iraq and brought back all the Indian citizens safely to their motherland.

Article publié pour la première fois le 04/11/2015

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