Curious and Adorable but Unusual Gifts for your dear ones

Unusual Gifts : The girls and boys are very choosy today starting from their favorite apparel brand to having a boyfriend and Girlfriend, they throw lot of choices and gifts but sometimes they do give some weird, interesting and though unusual gifts.

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So, these are several Unusual Gifts ideas that you can gift to your Boyfriend, girlfriend or friend to make him feel special.

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Unusual Gifts

1. Photo Album Juggler: unusual gift ideas
The most important thing in a relationship is the moments you spend together. The most important thing that you both will remember is the memories you have made together. And you would have all those moments captured as pictures. Make him feel special by recollecting all those memories and reminding him of all the special moments spent together. This will help to grow your relationship and will make him feel special and he won’t feel your absence if you are apart.
2. Embroidered Cards:
Cards shows the love that you have with your partner. Cards have the feelings that you actually have in you as it requires your full attention and time. Gifting a card can be a good idea to show your feelings. Make him feel your love by gifting a hand-made card. This will help to preserve your love and to make a strong bond of love between you both.
3. Key rings with key chains
Personalized key rings are one of the best gifting option to surprise your boyfriend. If your boyfriend is one of those who like to keep it simple then these small personalized key rings are the best gifts. Buy a personalized key ring with a loving picture of you both. So that every time he is out for drive, he remembers you and can keep close to your heart.
4. Self Baked Cake:
Every boy loves a girl who can cook and he is angry with you then this can be a blessing in disguise. If you know how to bake try baking a cake for him and he will surely forgive you and you both can obviously enjoy the cake later on.
5. Romantic Map: unusual gifts ideaRomantic map can be a very romantic and unique idea to make your boyfriend feel loved and extra special. On a map of your city, mark all the places holding happy memories of you both. Every time he looks at it he will think of you and all the wonderful times you’ve had together.
6. The Letter:
There is one that can cheer him up when he needs it the most. Buy numerous colorful envelopes and come up with occasions when he needs you the most. For example in one envelope there should be a letter that he needs to read when he feels the need to know that you love him. You should write on each envelope “Open when…” and then the occasion. You could think of letters for a bad day, a great day or anything else that seems important for you and him.
7. The Envelopes: unusual gift idea
When you are looking things to make your boyfriend feel happy, you don’t have to consider grand gestures. Sometimes the smallest thing means the world to people. Make a chain of seven envelopes (one for each day) that should represent the week leading to his birthday. Place a surprise in each envelope like a love quote, a ticket to a show, etc. You can be sure that this will be an unforgettable week for him.

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8.Letter in bottle.unusual gifts ideas

You live in the same city but it’s getting hard for you both to meet daily and you are missing him badly? But couldn’t tell him.No problem! Just gift him a personalized bottle with a letter and rose!
Write something related to your love in it and tell him how much you miss him.
9. Pillows.
When you go to bed, you feel like you want them by your side? To talk with you. You want to feel their presence?
Then gift him a pair of pillows with miss you and wants to be with you quote.
Tell him to keep it on his bed and miss you too. The way you do.

10. Love batches
Gift him love batches with suitable quotes which suits your situation!
And tell him to wear it when he is going to meet you next time.

11. A video of your funny momentschristopher walken
It’s high time. Technology is playing a big part in our life. Use it. Collect all the best moments pictures you guys shared together and make a video by your own. Add his favorite song in background to give the video special touch.
Tell him that you want to live them with him again.
And you are going to get a tight hug from him.
12. A basket chits.GFB-5
Send him a basket full of love you and miss you so much chits. Tell him things that makes you crazy for him. And this will bound him to miss you the way you are missing him.

But sometimes, we do have to console our friend, girlfriend or boyfriend and here we have to express our apologies in a very special way. So here are some Unusual Gifts to say sorry and guilty feelings.

Unusual Gifts for Apologies:unusual gift

1. Handwritten apology letter.
You committed a sin by hurting your man? And you are not feeling good! Then go, and write a apology letter for your behavior.Tell him that you are sorry for your rude behavior and surely not going to repeat it in your future! Give that letter a personal and romantic touch so that he can’t refuse your request.unusual apology gifts
2. Sending an apology CD.
Fights are normal in relationships. But when these fights turns into quarrels it start harming a beautiful bonding.And to save your relationship you have to do something heart touching and different.Making an apology CD can help you. Record your feelings in that. Tell him that you are sorry for your mistake and you love him. You know that it’s your fault and he is hurt because of your behavior.Tell him that you don’t want to stay away from him just because of this silly fight.
And place a note. “Ignore the fight, not the love” with it.

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3. Handmade sorry cards.
You must be thinking that why only handmade stuffs?
Because it will make your apology look real, straight from heart! Things made by hands are filled with special touch, and love.
Make a sorry card for him!
And for this you need not to specialist in crafty talents, you can make it simply by using cards, gum, some ribbons and with lots of love.
This will make your sorry more special.unusual sorry gift4. The sorry banner.
Got a fight last night?
And now it’s hurting you?
Make a sorry banner, write “I Am Sorry Honey, forgive me please” with a big smiley full of love in eyes.
Get on your knees with this banner in your hands.
I bet you are going to get a peck on your chicks by him.

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5. Music concert.
Buy his favorite music concert’s tickets. Send him a invitation card to join you in that concert. Because you are not going to enjoy it without your love.
I am sure he won’t deny your request.
6. Order a large pizza from His favorite restaurant.unusual sorry giftsWrite “I Am Sorry” over it and pack the box.
Deliver it at his place as a delivery girl.
Ask him to get in when he opens the doors. So that, he will get something delicious to eat after his hectic schedule, and you will get his apology.
7. Make him a call and tell him that you want to meet him.
Dress beautifully. Look fabulous.So that he can’t take off His eyes over you.
And tell him sorry for your mistake.Hug him hard. Make him feel that yes. You are sorry over your deeds.unusual apology gift8. Creating personal love book.
A personalized apology love book can also help you.Make a list why you are crazy for him. And at last tell him that you are sorry for getting him wrong.
9. Lunch box.
Cook for him his favorite dish and pack it.Go to his office and tell him that it’s been a long day for you because your love is not talking to you.Tell him sorry. And he will forgive you for sure.
10. Send your picture to him with a sorry message.
Tell him how much it’s hurting you when he is angry with you.
And you will surely get a “its OK honey” next in reply.

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