A Spoof of Ranbir-Deepika Vacations that shows Expectations vs. Reality.

Have you had a fabulous vacation with friends to a dream location, got lucky with a group of hot, and single girls ultimately came back home with the love of your life whom you happened to meet along the way. And then at the end of it all stated, “What happens in ABC, stays in ABC!” LOL? Yes, exactly, fantasy and fiction is the only 2 ‘F’ words except ‘F***’.

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ranbir deepika vacations ranbir deepika vacations

Every human being who has a friend circle reckon that a true vacation plan has this 3 phases:

  • Scheduling a weekend trip over Whatsapp every Saturday (preferably summed up with a  holiday).
  • Aiming for Shimla and settling for any normal pilgrimage place because there has to be at least one friend who’s saving for ex’s birthday, sister’s marriage, or mother’s operation.
  • Acquiring the very last bus after days of disillusioning and backing out.

You’re no Ranbir Kapoor or Deepika Padukone who got an organizer as ‘TripAdvisor’ and Imtiaz Ali. And even if par this 3-tough stages and get down to finally board the bus/train to our destination, the reality will be like this. Here’s how Ranbir-Deepika demolished the vacations for the youth of the country

Expectation as you might run into something like a bossranbir deepika vacations

ranbir deepika vacations

Expectation to make out with a Russian blonderanbir deepika vacations

Bitter Reality
ranbir deepika vacations

Expectation as your friend abruptly turns super hot.ranbir deepika vacations

Reality: She is either Mona Darling or Shemale.
ranbir deepika vacations

Expectation: Impress the girl with some fantasy and impossible travel plans.ranbir deepika vacations

Reality: You must be Narendra Modi
ranbir deepika vacations

Expectation: Proposing to a girl like you are the only Gutsy one.ranbir deepika vacations

Reality:ranbir deepika vacationsExpected to kiss her Obviously
ranbir deepika vacation

Reality is nowhere near the scenarioranbir deepika vacations

Expectation:What happens in Corsica, stays in Corsica!ranbir deepika vacations

Reality is Funny as Hell except Romantic
ranbir deepika vacations

Expectation: An old crush suddenly meet you at the platform.ranbir deepika vacations

Reality is hilarious
ranbir deepika vacations

Expectation is some DDLJ moment.ranbir deepika vacations

Reality is LOL
ranbir deepika vacations

Expecting some Virtual Ranbir type Flirting with single and hot co-passengers in the nearby compartment.ranbir deepika vacations

ranbir deepika vacations

Exotic Expectation of the Destination
top honeymoon destinations in the world

Reality is Goa cum Haridwar
ranbir deepika vacations

Have some fiction Expectation of 5-star accommodation.
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ranbir deepika vacations

Expectation is to survive an adventurous trip in half-sleeve jacket.ranbir deepika vacations

ranbir deepika vacations

Expectation to dominate the party with some impossible moves.ranbir deepika vacations

ranbir deepika vacations

So dear Deepika and Ranbir,for the love of all that is holy, stop taking Indian youth for a ride!


Article publié pour la première fois le 01/12/2015

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