A Catfight between Hate Story 3 Actresses-Daisy Shah & Zareen Khan

It seems like catfights have become a genuine level or part of Bollywood celebrity life. Hate Story 3 Actresses Daisy Shah and Zareen Khan, who will be appearing seducing and erotic in Hate Story 3, have begun their own repugnant with each other. We are confident that the only person who will be sad after knowing this bitching is their mutual mentor Salman Khan.

Things to know about Hate Story 3 before releasehate story 3

A Catfight between Hate Story 3 Actresses-Daisy Shah & Zareen Khan

Fortunately, the simple logic behind their catfight is also Salman Bhai. According to Times of India reports, “Zareen is intensely upset as Daisy is propelling it look as if she’s a parallel lead actress even though she’s not.” Both the girls have certainly led the heat up before the release of the movie Hate Story 3 on December 4, 2015.hate story 3Zareen even intimated to near and dear ones that it might be because of her propensity to Salman in the industry that Daisy Shah is in the limelight and focused of so much of attention.” Let’s admit one sure thing that Zarine Khan has got a major role as compared to Daisy Shah in Hate Story 3. But most of the times, whether it is an interview or any event, it is Daisy who has been seen snapping up in the limelight, which is certainly pissing Zarine off! Not so long ago, Zarine gave a perplexing statement by taking a bitter bull’s eye shot at Daisy and told a leading daily, “Salman is not her mentor.”

Why Censor Board hates Hate Story 3?hate story 3

She also said, “I feel awesomely gratitude to him that he made me a part of B-town as I wouldn’t have been in the industry without him. It is absolutely because of him that I am an actress today but I cannot ride on his back frequently.” Well, this might just be to come in the showbiz before the release of the movie just Sharman Joshi and her Daughter-talks came recently. Hate Story 3, being erotic and partially adult, will ensure that Indian fans are upto something to see seduction on screen even after getting so many cuts from the Censor Board.

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