5 Best Sites to Learn Java Online for Free

Welcome to Tenuz, Previously we were posting Java tutorials, but due to some problems we were not come up with Java related posts, anyways we are back with the Java Series of Posts. In this post I’ll be sharing with you 5 Best sites where you can learn Java Online easily. One of our visitors posted out via mail, “Where to Learn Java

Learning any programming language isn't easy unless, you are dedicated to learn it! So this post assumes that you are really dedicated to Learn Java

Gone are the days when you could have learnt sitting in your classes or going to coaching centers to learn programming, Now there are online sites where you can learn Java better than the one’s you could learn in the coaching classes. It just depends on the type of practice you enjoy. I forgot to mention, but now I mention, this post also assumes that you are comfortable with learning Java online.

Don't want to Learn Java? Just want to Make a Calculator in Java ? Make yours now!

Frankly speaking, I started Learning Java from my Friend, as I felt learning at an ease with him. Starting with him, I ended coming online and I’m still Learning it.

1.) Learn Java at RoseIndia.net

To Begin with Java, I would suggest you to begin with RoseIndia, As it tends to teach you with simplicity, If you are a newbie to Java then this would be the best place where you can begin with, it also has some great tutorials which will surely Boost the basics of Java.

2.) Learn Java at HomeandLearn

The other best, Infact I personally felt that HomeandLearn is the best site where you can begin to learn Java, When my Friend was on weekends, Being keen of Learning Java I was searching online and later found this site, this site is simple in sense. This site covers all the part from the Java basics, use of arrays, methods, classes, Database connectivity, Java forms etc.

3.) Learn Java at Tutorials point

Tutorials point is a website which doesn’t only enables you to learn Java online but it also enables you to learn many other programming languages. The specialty of this site is you can get the information as a PDF, so if you are having no access to internet at your home, you can go to a Cyber cafe and download the Java Tutorials PDF and take it to your Home. It doesn’t helps you learn Java and its concepts in detail, but it provides you a simple and short information.

4.) Learn Java at Java Beginner

Java beginner is another great site for Beginners, but this site is not only limited to teach Java to the beginners, this site also helps people learn Advanced Java online. Yes, with beginner Java material it also has the advanced Java concepts explained in detail. The specialty of this site is, it begins with easy language (to teach newbies) and trains the people in such way that they start to learn advanced concepts explained at an ease.

5.) Learn Java at Lynda

All the above sources I shared above are the places where you can Learn Java Online for Free. But this is a paid site, Like it has a wide range of video tutorials from Basics to Advanced Java. When you are at this site you feel as if you are learning Java from a Teacher (just like you are in a class). I’ve learnt many concepts from this site also so my personal opinion is if you are not in shortage of money then you can learn from here.

Final Words

Java can be learnt anywhere, As I said above a strong will power is needed to start learning it, starting would not be easy but once you start you won’t be able to stop yourself. I Personally would recommend people to use HomeandLearn (Free) and Lynda (Paid) for beginning with Java. 

If you have some knowledge about Java and want to expand your knowledge then you can visit all the above sites. You can search for the concept you want to learn in details as well!

That’s all! Happy Learning Java Online! Good Day Programmers! Hope you Enjoyed the post 5 Best Sites to Learn Java. Did I miss any? Please Comment the thing I missed I may post a new post!

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