12 Donald Trump Facts: Why is he in the News all-over?

Donald Trump Facts

Donald Trump is surely in the news all over across the globe because of his sarcastic and political comments & moreover from his announcement to join 11 other Republicans in the US Candidateship. Recently on Monday, Donald Trump shouted for a ‘Total Block of Muslims in US’ because of previous week’s shooting in California by a Muslim couple. This statement shook the world and the the statement does not indicate if the proposal would impact immigrants and tourists & it would target American Muslims currently abroad for sure.

Here are some Donal Trump facts: things to know about donald trump

  1. An American business tycoon, Entrepreneur, investor, author, TV Celebrity, & current strong candidate for President of the US, 2016.

2. Republican presidential frontrunner, son of Fred Trump, is a famous figure in American Real Estate Developer. things to know about donald trump
3. On June 16, 2015, Donald officially declared his candidacy for President in the 2016 election, while his advocate anti-immigrant politics are shaping demarcation to the establishment Republican faction, providing him support among working class white voters in the center of massive controversy in the trending media.

Donald Trump Facts:

Residence Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida.
Education University of Pennsylvania (B.S.)
  • Chairman of The Trump Org.
  • Chairman of Trump Plaza Associates.
  • Host of TV show The Apprentice(2004–15)
Years 1968–present
Salary $255 million
Net worth $4.5 billion
Politics Previous affiliations:

Reform (1999–2001)

Democratic (2001–09; before 1987)

Independent (2011–12)

Republican (2012–present; 2009–11; 1987–99)

Religion Presbyterianism
  • Ivana Zelníčková (1977–91)
  • Marla Maples (1993–99)
  • Melania Knauss (2005)
Children Barron William Trump,

Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump, Jr.

Eric Trump

Tiffany Trump


Mary Anne MacLeod Trump & Fred Trump

Website www.donaldjtrump.com
Donald Trump is the Current Strong Contender in the US President lists.

Donald Trump Facts: 4. Born on June 14, 1946, the President Contender, was a bankrupt in 1990 due to personal debts. Presently, Donald owns almost 100 companies whose value is approximately $4 billion.

5. Before Dubai Tower and Tower Place 3 (Seoul), Trump World Tower was the largest residential building in the world. That sounds really strange and incredible altogether.

Donald Trump Facts

6. To Complete his Construction Projects, Donald sold the franchise ‘New Jersey Generals of the US Football League’ to J. Walter Duncan in 1983.

7. Trump hosted his own reality TV show, The Apprentice, started in 2004, that paid $375,000/episode.

8. Trump doesn’t drink alcohol as his elder brother fought with alcohol throughout his life.

9. Just because he was an energetic child his parents sent him to the New York Military Academy when he was 13.

10. In 2007, Donald Trump grabbed Hollywood Walk of Fame star for being a Producer of The Apprentice.


11. Donald Trump has had three wives &  five children whose names are in the table above.

12. Trump is the only presidential candidate with his own board game, Trump the Game, which was released in 1988.

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